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012 Mental Health, ACE Scores, & Being an NPE ft. Dr. Paulette Bethel

Dr. Paulette Bethel discusses her experiences as a Family Therapist, PTSD, Ace scores and her recent discovery about her biological identity through an at home DNA test. 

011 Losing a Child to Addiction ft. Toni Eads

Toni shares the experience of losing a child to addiction and her personal sense of pain & frustration. She also shares the beauty and light her daughter shared with the world and lessons we can learn from her. 

010-2 TV Actor Turned Trauma Recovery Coach ft. Paul Christino

Part 2 of E.R. actor turned Trauma Recovery Coach Paul Christino. 

009-1 TV Actor Turned Trauma Recovery Coach ft. Paul Christino

90’s E.R. actor Paul Christino spent years sifting through his own personal experiences before discovering personal healing and becoming a Trauma Recovery Coach. Listen to his story!

008 Overcoming Sexual Abuse & Mental Illness ft. Bobbi Parish

Special guest Bobbi Parish tells her story of overcoming sexual abuse and mental illness and ultimately founding the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches.

007 Trauma & Recovery ft. Will Wissmiller

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, Bradley sits down to talk trauma and recovery with fellow Trauma Recovery Coach Will Wissmiller.

Episode 006

006 How Diet Changed His Life ft. Lloyd Carr

Fitness junkie and vegan advocate, Lloyd Carr, talks about his passion for living a health lifestyle. Lloyd shares with us how #obesity and injury lead him to making small changes that ultimately changed his entire life.

005 How Yoga Saved His Life ft. Forest Spall

After feeling abandoned and alone with his PTSD, Forest Spall recalls how a yoga instructor introduced him to the practice and literally saved his life. 

004 NPE Story: Finding the Blessing in the Truth ft. Alicia

Alicia opens up to talk about finding out her secret, meeting her biological family, and how this traumatic news may have actually helped save her marriage. 

003 Megan Scott’s NPE Story ft. Megan Scott

I met Megan on the set for CBS Sunday Morning with Rita Braver. She graciously agreed to tell her story about her recent NPE discovery and how it’s affected her mental health. 

Episode 003
Episode 002

002 COVID-19, Trauma, PTSD, and Recovery ft. Bobbi Parish

Bradley and his special guest, Bobbi L. Parish, Founder of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches discuss the impact and fall out of COVID-19 and what each of us can do to help ourselves, and each other, through this trying time. 

001 Father/Son NPE Experience with Suprise Twist ft. Chris & Jeff

In his first episode, Bradley talks about his NPE experience with his guests, Chris & Jeff as well as their recent discovery. Stay tuned for the surprise twist!