Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness is the key to unlock the door to a better life!

Obviously whatever you’re doing isn’t working. That’s why you’re here. You know there is another way. You just don’t know what it is yet.

It is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is basically a simple practice of awareness and gratitude. But it becomes much more than that. Practicing mindfulness begins to reshape our thoughts and habits. It’s been proven to physically change both the brain and the body. Science has recently shown that it can effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and anger as well as the long term negative physical affects of these conditions. It is being integrated into modern western medicine to treat mental and physical illness. Last but not least, it has helped millions discover the elusive path to personal freedom and happiness.

Join me for my exclusive 8 week introduction to mindfulness course designed specifically for beginners and new practitioners. We will discover the power of mindfulness as I share the techniques and secrets of this amazing practice.

Topics we will cover:
History of mindfulness
Scientific study
Applications of modern medicine
Practical application
Tips & Techniques
How to use mindfulness to transform your life

The course begins September 1st.

Participants will be added to my private Facebook group and will enjoy the following:
● Direct access to me
● Daily discussions regarding mindfulness
● Weekly live instructional video
● Weekly guided meditations
● Bonus downloadable content not shared anywhere else.

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