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Join us on December 4, 2019!

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What is the Free Mindfulness Webinar about?

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is basically a simple practice of awareness and gratitude. But it becomes much more than that.

Practicing mindfulness begins to reshape our thoughts and habits. It’s been proven to physically change both the brain and the body.

Science has recently shown that it can effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and anger as well as the long term negative physical affects of these conditions.

It is being integrated into modern western medicine to treat mental and physical illness.

Last but not least, it has helped millions discover the elusive path to personal freedom and happiness.

Topics that we will cover

In this free webinar, Bradley will explain what mindfulness is.

He will also address many common myths and misconceptions. 

He will provide many physical and mental benefits practicing mindfulness has to offer.

As well as present free guided meditations to help you clear your body and mind to increase your health!

Ready to learn the benefits that practicing mindfulness can have on your physical and mental health?