Bradley and Rita Braver

Bradley and Rita Braver, September 14th, 2019

On Saturday September 14th, 2019, I walked off the elevator and into a conference room at the Hilton in Houston, TX.  There stood Rita Braver, correspondent for CBS news. Behind her were television cameras, bright lights and microphones, and 6 chairs, strategically placed in front of the camera.  They were here for us. 

Us is a small group of people, some of whom were just meeting for the first time, others who had known each other for while, that shared a common bond.  We had all had received unexpectedly, and shocking, results from recently taking an at-home DNA test.

At-home DNA tests have become increasingly popular in recent years.  Many are researching their genealogy, some may be looking for a relative, others curious about their ethnicity and heritage.  This was my case. My wife and I thought it would be fun to compare our ethnicity results.  

NPE Fellowship group talking with Rita Braver

NPE Fellowship group talking with Rita Braver

However, some get unexpected results.  I didn’t realize that would also supply a list of DNA connections (relatives). When I first looked, I didn’t recognize half of the names.  It’s because my biological father wasn’t who I thought he was.  

Fortunately, my wife discovered an online group, consisting of people who had recently discovered the same results.  That group changed my life. The support and comfort of people who understand what you’re going through is invaluable in your healing and recovery. 

When I joined NPE Fellowship facebook group in May of 2018 there were roughly 350 members.  As of today, January 7, 2020, there are almost 7,000 members in this group. A testament to not only how common this phenomena may be, but to the value the group provides to those who are dealing with life altering, sometimes shattering, news. 

NPE Fellowship meet and greet in Houston, TX

I now work within the group, and outside, with NPE’s in helping them in their journey.  If you are an NPE and would like to receive my NPE resource kit, please simply register below.  You won’t regret it.

When we first discover our NPE status, we may feel alone and isolated.  I assure you that you are not and you do not have to continue to suffer in silence.


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