Allow me to guide you on the path to recovery! I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. Utilize my unique strengths and experience while we experience this journey together!

Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching

Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching


What is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach? Certified Trauma Recovery Coach is a certified life coach specifically trained to work with clients who have experienced childhood Trauma, also known as CPTSD.  

I work with my clients to focus on the present, helping them navigate their daily environment in an effort to learn to manage their trauma and avoid retraumatization.   

I strive to educate my clients about their trauma, including the scientific and medical processes involved, varying symptoms of trauma, psychoeducation and the various modalities to facilitate recovery.   

I empower my clients to regain control of their lives with confidence and consistency.   

Together we will create customized, sustainable, recovery goals designed to stimulate personal growth and development. 

We will work together to identify obstacles and create real, definitive solutions to those problems.   

Together, we will set you on the path of recovery, never looking back.   

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